Whole Home Audio and Video

Built-in Home Audio and Video

One of the best ways to listen to music at home is through built-in speakers.  We offer an impressive array of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in addition to standard floor-standing or bookshelf speakers.  Prefer something custom?  We have small-aperture speakers with amazing sound out of a tiny 3″ opening or if you prefer no opening at all, we have speakers that are literally invisible in your walls.  For the cleanest look possible, we can locate all of your video devices in another room so all you see is the TV, with no exposed wires or cable boxes whatsoever.  Even if you have a home with closed up walls, we have the skills to install built-in sound and video cabling in most instances.


Whole Home Wireless Music

We work with Sonos, Bose, and Denon Heos, which are all compatible with the latest streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora. These systems use plug-in wireless speakers and can be added to any home without the cost or complexity of wires.  These systems are a less costly alternative to built-in systems with many of the same features aside from blending into their surroundings.  

Professional-Grade Home Theater and Music Systems

If you are looking for world-class sound and video to enjoy the latest Box Office hit like you were actually at the theater, we also install built-in professional grade home theater and music listening systems.  Ranging anywhere from $10k to cost-is-no-object, we incorporate our vast experience to design rooms which not only sound great but look great too with custom lighting and seating solutions, and of course, with the most powerful controls to make the operation simple.

Alexan Atlanta Cabana Pool AV

Outdoor Whole Home Audio and Video

If you’d like to take the party outside, we can also install various types of speaker systems and TVs that can be customized for either small or large outdoor spaces. They are all weatherproof and blend beautifully into your existing landscape. And you can control it all from your smartphone.

We’re ready to plan and deploy an amazing home audio/video system for you.

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