Climate Controls

Comfort, convenience and energy savings.  With a climate control system integrated into a KINETIQ Luxury Home Automation system, you’ll have all of that and more.

Existing & New Home Integration

For existing homes, our climate control systems work with your installed heating and air equipment, or if you are building a new home, we will work with your HVAC contractor to engineer the perfect solution for your lifestyle.  We can handle standard systems, zoned systems, or radiant floor systems and we can even hide all of the equipment in a closet so your walls are free of clutter.

Home automation climate control

Control your climate system remotely with your smartphone.

Basic & Advanced Systems That Actually Know When You’re Home

We offer a variety of systems ranging from Nest Pro models up to more advanced Crestron and Lutron products.  More importantly, we design the system so the heat or air conditioning leaps into action when you arrive and changes to energy savings mode when you leave.  Simpler systems guess when you are home or not, but our advanced integration with your home’s security system means the home knows without a doubt the second you leave and right when you come home!  You can even access the system remotely to prepare everything before you arrive such as when you arrive at the airport from a long flight.

When designed and configured properly, a climate control system should be completely invisible both in operation and visually on the walls. With our advanced knowledge, we can make this a reality for you in your home.

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