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KINETIQ Luxury Home Automation

A KINETIQ system enhances your life through the ultimate personalization. We incorporate the technology best suited to transform your house into a smart home at your stated budget and our expert installation hides all of the parts and pieces. The result?  Enhanced convenience, state-of-the-art entertainment, added security and reduced energy consumption – all completely integrated into your decor.

We secure your smart home.

KINETIQ. tech Crestron-Certified Master ProgrammingWe understand the importance of keeping your home secure. So, we program our systems 100% in-house and lock our systems down with business-class network security equipment.

How we do it.

In contrast to most of our competition, we’re a boutique operation. Our owner, Steve Schnugg, has been a Crestron certified master programmer since 2003. As such he’s engineered all of our systems to the highest level possible. In addition, the same team that wires your home will also install and service your system, so anybody who steps into your home will have extensive prior experience with it.

Ours is a vastly different service model than any of our competitors’.

With their business model, you’ll have a salesperson who works with a more technically advanced designer to put together your estimate.  Then, if you choose to move forward with the purchase, you’ll interface with an operations manager who will schedule a less-experienced pre-wiring team to wire your home, then a more experienced team to install your system which will then be programmed by someone who is usually a sub-contractor. After all of this, when something goes wrong, a different service tech will visit your home to ascertain what may be causing your issue. We think this model results in a higher volume of lower quality systems compared to our nearly 20-year track record of fewer, higher quality and better-supported systems.


Crestron Home Automation ControlsOur luxury platform of choice is Crestron. This is because in our hands it’s the most capable and customizable system on the planet, bar none. No matter how complex your vision or how large your estate, we have the experience and capability to deliver a polished, fully bespoke final system that will provide you with years of seamless, easy to use operation.

For the icing on the cake, Crestron offers a lifetime warranty on lighting controls and shades when purchased as part of a comprehensive home automation system. It’s a win-win situation.

Over the years, we have assisted many clients with new and existing Crestron systems, so even if you have a system that has not worked well for you, contact us today for a comprehensive audit.  We are confident that we can make any system sing, sometimes without replacing any hardware.  Many of our most loyal clients came to us after having purchased systems that never really worked correctly, and in short order, we proved that we could turn their poor experience into a great one.


Home Theater by KINETIQ.techFor mainstream installations, we prefer Savant, since it provides an appealing interface that works for many of our clients, at a more affordable price point than a fully customizable luxury automation system such as Crestron.  Compared to competitors such as Control4, Savant has a more intuitive and slick-looking interface.  The Pro Remote ($500) handheld touchscreen remote control, Savant Touch in-wall touchscreens, and the Savant Pro app, available on both iOS and Android and free to download, all feature the same powerful user interface whether you are home or away.  With remote + controller packages starting at $750, Savant is a far more powerful platform than any of the DIY systems out there and is a compelling alternative to our luxury automation platform for smaller or less-complex systems.

To add to the long list of benefits, Savant works well with Lutron, Sony, security and Sonos, to name a few, so you can still utilize your favorite products while enjoying the benefits of Savant, which adds an overall layer of automation and control to make everything just work together better.

Services We Provide Include: