Commercial Building Automation

No matter how successful your business is, there’s always room for improvement.

With better technology comes progress and more efficient ways for getting things done.

Whether you’d like to automate everything by time of day or control manually with a touch screen, we can incorporate high-tech automation to control your surroundings: Lighting, climate, window treatments, audio/video, video surveillance, and security. And we’ll get it done in an environmentally friendly way that will substantially reduce your carbon footprint.

Access Control

We offer’s Smarter Access Control system, which leverages’s award-winning interface with reliable and programmable access control for your facility.  You can get notifications on your mobile device every time a specific user enters the building, set opening and closing hours and get notified when your business isn’t opened or closed on time, and tie this system into the same dashboard that you monitor your cameras and security alarm system.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance systems are powerful tools to be able to proactively monitor events as they unfold or by going back and reviewing past occurrences.  We have options for cloud-assisted surveillance systems or standalone, onsite systems with no monthly fees.  Whichever system you choose, rest assured that your space will be safer and more secure.

Climate Controls

One of the biggest cost drivers of utility bills is keeping your space comfortable.  We can consolidate all of your building controls on a central dashboard to give you the ultimate flexibility.  We can leverage occupancy sensors, tie-ins to the building access control system, and other creative methods so you only pay to heat or cool those areas that are occupied.

Automated Window Treatments

Our automated window treatments for commercial spaces are one of the absolute best ways you can control the comfort of those inside.  And we can make you look professional by making sure that all of your shades are evenly lined up so people looking in do not see stair-stepped, haphazard lines from the outside.