Business Shades

There are many benefits to installing customized window fashions at your business. Of course, you’ll lower your overhead by saving on energy costs. That fact alone makes it all worth it; but here’s a list of additional gains:

  • Make a good first impression with clients
  • Have better conference room presentations
  • Preserve privacy
  • Reduce glare on computer screens
  • Making your company a good steward of the environment by enhancing the energy efficiency of your space, saving money at the same time!

Conference Room

Whether you’re pitching to investors, making a presentation, or having a teleconference with a client on the other side of the world, the right lighting could make or break the experience.

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The right window fashions will reduce glare on your computer screen, increase productivity, and give you privacy if you’re conducting an interview, meeting with a client, or addressing HR issues.

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People go to restaurants to enjoy a good meal and have a pleasant time with loved ones. Having the sun directly in their eyes is never part of the plan. The right window fashions also enhance the ambiance and decor. And if your location is surrounded by beautiful views, we can help you preserve them while still ensuring the comfort of patrons.

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Add to the dramatic effect of beautiful views by framing them with the right window fashions. Enhance the personality of your hotel. Improve insulation. Let guests sleep in completely blacked-out rooms. Add a touch of luxury. Ensure privacy. When it comes to installing window treatments for your hospitality business, both the reasons and the possibilities are endless.

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