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We Are At KINETIQ, we build the most advanced luxury home and business AV and automation solutions in the Southeast. After nearly 20 years of dynamic growth and innovation operating as Synergy Multimedia, LLC, we are excited to announce our new brand, KINETIQ. Along with our new name we have a new home on […]


Affordable Automation Done Right by Lutron’s Caseta System

A few days ago, I wrote a blog about real home automation vs “home automation”. Many times, “home automation”, with my use of quotes referring to the home automation in its most basic form, is indicative of the low cost of the items involved, but today I want to point out an affordable system by a […]

Home Automation vs Integration Home Automation

“Home Automation” vs Integrated Home Automation

Here at KINETIQ, we are tasked with sifting through all of the latest products and buzzwords for our clients, recommending only those technologies and products that actually work and add meaningfully to our client’s lives. Major companies like Google, Apple, AT&T, Comcast and ADT all are hawking “home automation” products. Some of these options are […]

Automated Remote Control

Home Automation Bill of Rights: Automated Remote Controls

If you’ve ever searched for “Crestron vs Control4” or “Control4 vs Savant”, you’ve probably seen opinions ranging from “this is the greatest thing since sliced bread” to “this system NEVER works”. That’s because your new home automation system relies on two very important factors: the quality of your equipment and the quality of your integrator. […]

Home Automation Integrator

Home Automation Bill of Rights: Choosing an Integrator

In part one of our Home Automation Bill of Rights, we discussed choosing a remote control to enhance your day to day interaction with your system. Today, we’ll discuss the criteria by which you should choose your integrator, the most important decision you’ll make when deciding to automate your home. Home Automation Bill of Rights: Choosing […]